I’m singing at Pivotal Take Over Festival, Cambridge 12th-13th  November which highlights link between the environment, technology, us and the human community.    

Pivotal Festival

The festival has a crowdfunding page:


 I’ll be featuring my songs written through interviews with some of the UK’s most forward environmental thinkers – including Jonathon Porrit,Patrick Holden and Vandana Shiva.


Fall into the Blue and Green of this Planet With Me    -    written from interview with Stephan Harding of Schumacher College

Crow   -    from two poems by Alison Brackenbury (Happenstance 2009)

‘Ros Brady’s poetry tumbles like an old spell or a song harnessed to a page. Her depth of perception and descriptions of the pared back beauty of the natural world are clear-eyed and unsentimental.’

Naomi Slade (The Guardian)


St Beuno and the Curlew
Written for The Curlew Walk 2016

to highlight the plunging curlew populations across the UK


The Law of Return   -   written from interviews with Patrick Holden, executive director of the Sustainable Food Trust



Barron Brady

"Next To Me, A Robin"



A news Article


















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